Be a damn good router!

Well, according to me I have started understanding the titbits of the corporate world aka the industrial sector. The first thing that I analyzed after coming to the industry was the hierarchical structure that exists within the organization.

The communication in the corporate world can be seen as a twenty story building. Suppose you are on the middle floor, let us assume 10th and standing on the balcony. The number of people decreases as you go up. The top floor is occupied by just one person while hordes of people occupy the bottom floor. Now imagine a person on the eleventh floor (say your boss) yells something and drops a few documents. You catch them being careful not to let them flutter away in the wind and take them back inside to read. There is some good stuff in there, and you carefully parse out a few bits that you think the people on the ninth floor should see, given the carefully pre-scripted boundaries of their jobs.So now after performing this parsing ritual, you go back to the balcony and drop a sheet here and a paragraph there to your team below, who consume it as if they were it was cold water being offered to the thirsty souls in summers. When they are done, they would perform the same ritual for the thirsty souls on eight floors. And there the person on the eleventh floor starts the process once again. And who knows what the person on the 20th floor is doing.

Source- How Google Works?

So what do we understand out of this…Well that in the corporate world the source to power is hoarding of information. The person on the tenth floor gives the information that he finds relevant for the people on the 9th floor otherwise if he knows everything he might come to his floor or even cross him.

Now the biggest question that comes into the picture is that you have hired the people to work or you have hired them to think. If the people are just supposed to be doing mechanical tasks and work according to the instructions given to them (as most of the companies are working) in that case the system could work well. However, if we have brought in the people to think, then we need to share complete information with them so that they know what is happening across the company and give their inputs. People cannot be fooled in that case by just beating about the bush because if everyone has the knowledge, then they would be able to catch that and if that is not the case then you need to change your staff….:P So now we need to understand what does sharing everything means it does not mean that your boardrooms should consist of the all the employees of the company but still most of the targets and aims of the company must be clear to all. We need to see that the company moves in the right direction and goes together in that direction. As I have already explained the value of “a team” in my previous blogs, you must have a strong team, and strong teams cannot take decisions without any conflicts….Moreover, as teams are strong no one has an opinion or an idea inferior to other, so everyone ought to be heard. Now there also comes the trust factor as your employees have the complete information of the company, but that is not a big issue. According to me if the employees are trusted then they would value that. And if not then that gets reverted to your hiring procedure. Will discuss that some other time.

We just need to see that we understand the meaning of the term that “Decisions are taken in consensus” and follow that.After that, depending on the company we need to devise a system that suites us and our company to implement that.We need to become damn good routers so that we can transmit data efficiently and according to the requirement for the growth of the organization as a whole.

Written on September 25, 2017